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CBORD - Create Access Report 

End-user: (MU Police)

STEP 1: Login to CBORD through URL

STEP 2: Under Menu select "Admin Web"

STEP 3: Select link for "Ad-Hoc Reports"

STEP 4: Select the "Access Reports" link.

STEP 5: Select the "Transactions" folder to open the folder.

STEP 6: Select dropdown menu for "Select Location Group Hierarchy" – Leave this at '(-1) Default Hierarchy'.

STEP 7: Type in "Days to Keep" – Days for report to be kept on server. The default is 7 days if left blank.

STEP 8: Select dropdown menu for "Format" – Default is PDF, but the dropdown menu provides other options for the report

STEP 9: Type in Email address for "Notify via E-Mail" – Email address that the notification or report will be sent to when the report is constructed. 

STEP 10: Select bubble mark for either the option of "Send the link" or option of "Send the attachment" – Method by which the report is sent to you.

STEP 11: Complete "Select" tab settings (the 'Select' tab is active by default when entering the report)

STEP 12: Type in or select "Transaction Date" – You can type in dates using the MM/DD/YYYY format or select an option from the 'Transaction Date' drop down menu.

STEP 13: Type in the M number(s) which is referred to as the "PIK" – Enter a single PIK (from Patron Lookup screen) or a range of PIKs

STEP 14: Select the check box beside each location you want to run the report on, if no check boxes are selected, the report will run all locations.

Note the "Share" tab is Not Functioning for Groups at this time

STEP 15: Select the "Submit" button at the bottom of any tab in the Access Report

STEP 16: Look in your email for report results.  The report is sent to the email address that was entered in STEP 8.  The email will come from  (If you do not receive the report you requested, look in your email Junk folder.