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Deleting a question:

To delete a question, leave the answer blank on the key sheet. This will reduce the number of questions by 1.

Multiple correct answers allowed

To mark more than one correct answer, fill in all answers that apply on a question. This will result in a correct response if any of the keyed answers are given.

To mark a question correct for all answers, fill in all bubbles for the question.

Please note in the description that you did this intentionally for our notes.

Multiple answers required

To request that more than one answer be required for a question, fill in the answer to the question with the correct/required bubbles. Then put a note in the description of the ticket indicating your needs.

Multiple point questions

We can change the value of a question. Please put a note in the description with your needs. Questions can be whole number values from 1-5 points.

Marking a question as Extra Credit

You can designate a question as extra credit. It will not add to the total points possible but will add a point or points if correct up to the maximum points allowed. Please indicate your needs in the description section of the ticket.

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