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At MU you will have 3 important accounts.

myVILLE – this account provides access to your email, the
university portal, computer labs, printing and wireless
network access (dorm internet access if you are a resident

MAX – this account provides access to registration, grades, transcripts and degree audits, bursar
and financial aid.

D2L – this account provides access to the online course management system.


Please note that your D2L will be automatically created once you register for your first class. After registering for your first class, it can take up to 36 hours for the account to finish being created.

You can activate all of your accounts in one place in just a few steps through any computer that
has internet access.

Note: Please allow one business day from your status being "Deposit Paid" within the Admissions Portal before activating your account.

Open an internet browser and go to: and click "First Time Account Setup"

Step 1
Enter your M-Number (The whole thing, including the "M0")
Enter your birth date in six digit format ex. 060686
Enter your home Zip code (This is optional - If you do not have a zip code, or if it is not working, just leave it blank).
Note: If you get the error, "Your information cannot be found or is incorrect," then it usually means that either Admissions has not yet received your deposit, or your information is incomplete or incorrect in Admissions' database.  In either case, you should call Admissions (717-871-4625 (GOAL)) to verify your info and that they have received your deposit. Note that if you are enrolling in a fully-online program (such as the RN-to-BSN Online, Marketing Certificate Online, etc.), you should instead contact the Office of Online Programs (717-871-7200) for any admissions-related issues or questions.

Step 2
Select your mobile provider and type your mobile phone number. Then click continue.

Step 3
Set your MAX pin number – must be exactly 6 characters - including numbers and letters (Max is used for Registration, Paying Bills, etc.)

Retype to verify

Step 4
You will be provided with your myVille username and email address. Please write this down. You will need your username in the next step.

Step 5
Type your username and click continue.

Step 6
Make sure the correct cell phone number is selected and click continue.

Step 7
A text message will be sent similar to the on below. The message may vary slightly format shown depending on your phone provider.

Step 8
Once you receive your Verification Code, type it in and click continue

Step 9
The nest screen will allow you to set your MyVille password. Please enter your password for MyVille.
Here are the the Following reguirenments:

  • Password must be a minimum of 8 character.
  • Password must not contain a significant portion of your name or username
  • Password must contain 3 of the following:Upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, or symbols.

If you do not type in a password following the guidelines provided, you will see the following screen and will have to go back to step 5.

At this point you will have completed your MyVille account setup.
MyVille is used for wired and wireless account login, D2L, lab connections, printing in labs, and MyVille email.