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MU Video Quick Guide: "My Media" in D2L for Instructors

Instructors may use My Media in three unique ways in D2L courses; Adding Media to you own My Media, embedding Media from My Media anywhere the text editor is used in a course and/or adding a Course Media Gallery Widget to the course homepage where enrolled students can view and/or share media for the course. There are numerous MU Video features that are not available when accessing My Media from within D2L .

Access and Add Media to MU Video while logged into a D2L course (Instructors and Students)

  1. Choose from the Resource Menu in the black nav bar.
  2. Click Continue when asked if you would like to proceed.
  3. A new My Media window will open, displaying your previously added media, the Add New menu, and the Actions menu.
  4. Use the Add New options to add media
  5. See the following MU Video Quick Guides for help adding media using the Add New menu:
  6. Upload Media  
    1. Webcam Recording Quick Guide 
    2. Video Presentation Quick Guide 

Embed Media from MU Video using Insert Stuff in the Text Editor

  1. Open the text editor
  2. Select the media you want to embed.
  3. Click
  4. Click
  5. Click Post, Publish or Save (depending on the tool).

Using the Course Media Gallery

NOTE: When viewing media in the Course Media Gallery, you will need to refresh your browser after viewing each piece of media to return to the full Gallery view.

Adding the Course Media Gallery Widget to a Course Homepage

  1. Create a Custom Homepage for your course
    (SEE Creating a Custom Homepage and Adding Widgets D2L Quick Guide)
  2. Add the "Course Media" Widget to your active custom homepage.

Adjust Media Gallery Restrictions

  1. Locate the Course Media Widget on your Course Homepage
  2. Select from the upper right corner of the widget.
  3. Choose Options.
    NOTE: Instructors cannot disable student "Add Media" feature. However, selecting to "Moderate content" will block student's ability to see any media added to the gallery by other students.
  4. Save.

Use the Actions Menu to Publish (multiple) Media to (multiple) Course Media Galleries at One Time (Instructors only)

Note: Instructors cannot create or view Channels or Playlists while accessing My Media from within Brightspace (D2L).

  1. Go to My Media from the Resource Menu.
  2. Check off each piece of Media that you would like to publish to the same Course Media Gallery.
  3. A list of Galleries will appear for every course in which you are enrolled as an "Instructor". Check off each Gallery to which you would like your Media added.

Add Media to the Course Media Gallery (Instructors and Students)

  1. Find the Course Media Widget on your Course Homepage.
  2. Click +Add Media
  3. Locate and check off the media you wish to add to the Course Gallery.
  4. Once published, previous Private or Unlisted access limitations will be removed. Access to your media will now be determined by the Category, Channel or Course Gallery to which it is published.
  5. Click to add to Course Gallery.

Approve Media Added to the Course Media Gallery by Students

  1. In the Course Media Gallery, the Pending tab displays if there is media waiting to be approved. Click on Pending tab.
  2. Click on a thumbnail to view the media.
  3. Click next to individual pieces of media OR
  4. Click approve or reject at the top of the list to approve or reject ALL media at once.

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