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i›clicker Quick Guide: Starting a Session

This guide assumes the i>clicker base station is connected.

1. After opening the i>clicker software, click "Start New Session", shown below in the orange box.

If the "Start New Session" button is grayed out, as shown below, make sure your i>clicker dock is properly connected.

2. A small panel will appear on your screen, the panel should look as follows.

3. To begin the session, you can click "Multiple Choice" to begin a polling for a multiple choice question, or, click the drop-down button directly to the right of multiple choice to change the type of question.

4. Here, you can change the type of question you are posing, for a full explanation of the types of questions and their setup click here .

5. After starting the question, a timer will appear to the right.

6. Clicking the button showing a bar graph, shown below in the orange box, will bring up a live feed of submitted responses.

For more information on displaying results, click here .

Click here for instructions on how to change the timer to a countdown.

1. In the i>clicker settings window, click the "Polling" tab, shown below in the orange box.

2. Select "Count down from" and either choose one of the default times, or, manually enter your own.

7. The default graph of submitted results for a multiple choice question, before any answers have been submitted, will look as follows.

As students submit their answers, the graph will change to display what has been submitted

8. When you would like to end a question, you can do so by clicking the stop button that has replaced the start button, shown below in the orange box

9. To begin the next question, start the process over from step 3.

You can select a correct answer during class through the i>clicker instructor remote or through the computer. You can find the quick guide to doing so here .

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