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i›clicker Quick Guide: Connecting i>clicker with D2L

Connecting your i>clicker class with your D2L class allows you to pull rosters from D2L and to push iclicker grades into the D2L gradebook.

You will need to repeat steps 1 - 9 (of this page) for each i>clicker class you would like to connect to a D2L class

How to Connect i>clicker with D2L:

1. Select the class you wish to connect to D2L, then click the "Settings" button located at the bottom right of the "Select a Course" menu, shown here in the orange box

2. This will bring up the course settings. Select the "Gradebook" tab, shown here in the orange box

3. In the "Gradebook" tab, click the "Select Course" button, shown here in the orange box

4. After clicking the "Select Course" button, you will be prompted with a screen asking you to login to D2L with your default browser. Do not click the log in button on the i>clicker software yet. It is important that the browser you are using is in fact your default browser. If you are unsure, follow this guide to set your default browser for windows, or this guide to set your default browser for a mac.

5. Once you are sure you are using your default browser, log in to D2L.

6. You can now click the "Log In" button at the bottom of i>clicker software, shown here in the orange box

7. In your opened browser, you should see a new tab being created that asks if you would like to proceed. Click "Continue" to proceed, as shown here in the orange box.

8. A new screen should appear displaying the courses you have setup in D2L. Here you can choose the D2L class you would like to connect the i>clicker class you are setting up. After choosing the class, click the "Select" button, shown here in the orange box

9. After clicking "Select" make sure you click the "Save" button to save the connection between the classes.

Until you download your roster from D2L you will receive a message stating "Roster File Not Found". You can safely ignore the message as it is simply warning you that you do not have a roster yet. Once you have a roster file downloaded from D2L, the message will go away.

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