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DRAFT-MUIT Confidentiality Agreement

(to be signed by all IT employees, including student workers)

I acknowledge and understand that I have access to confidential enterprise information regarding members of the Millersville University community (faculty, staff, students and others) as well as members of the general public.  In addition, I acknowledge and understand that I have access to proprietary or other confidential business and transactional information belonging to Millersville University.  Therefore, I agree that, except as specifically authorized under University policy and/or applicable law:

  • I will NOT access, update, manipulate, extract, report or share data that is unrelated to my role and responsibilities at the Millersville University Department of Information Technology.
  • I will NOT disclose to any other person, or allow any other person access to, any information related Millersville University that is proprietary or confidential and/or that is personal, confidential information about any member of the Millersville University community or any member of the general public.

Disclosure of information includes, but is not limited to, verbal discussions, fax transmissions, electronic mail messages, voice mail communication, written documentation, "loaning" computer access codes, and/or any other transmission or sharing of data.

I also understand that I cannot store, or copy, University data outside of the data environment directly managed by the University for that purpose, as such a practice represents a significant security and confidentiality risk.  I am responsible for ensuring that my work practices are consistent with all University policies about protection of its data, including ensuring that I take all appropriate steps to protect data, and the viewing of data, in transit over networks.

I further affirm that, if – in the course of my work – I inadvertently see or hear content in electronic communications or files that I believe to be illegal, I will report what I have seen or heard to the University Police and to my immediate supervisor or to the Vice President for Information Resources, consistent with how I am to report any other activity that I believe is illegal.  Otherwise, I understand that I am to treat the content of electronic communications, data, transactions and files of members of the University community or members of the public as confidential and not subject to disclosure to anyone, both during and after my employment at the University.

I understand that Millersville University and members of the University community, as well as members of the general public, may suffer irreparable harm by disclosure of proprietary or confidential information and that Millersville University may seek legal remedies available to it should such disclosure occur.  Further, I understand that violations of this agreement may result in University disciplinary action, up to and including my termination of employment.

By my signature, I attest that I have read, understand and accept the conditions contained in this agreement.

(based on similar materials developed at the University of Mary Washington)