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All Millersville Employees are assigned a University email account, which must be used for all official University business, and must be handled pursuant with the University's Responsible Usage Policy. Faculty/Staff email items are considered "Records" and are therefore subject to Millersville's "Records Retention and Disposition" general governance policy.

To comply with student confidentiality legal requirements, faculty/staff University email may not be configured so as to be redirected to or forwarded to any external publicly available email service, or accessed through such a service. If email is accessed through a private device, such as a smart phone or tablet, rules of confidentiality and data retention still apply, and it is the employee's responsibility to ensure compliance.

All Millersville email accounts are considered the property of the University. Upon separation, see the "Employee Separation" email policy. The only exception is in the case of retirement, at which time an employee may elect to retain their Millersville email account.