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How do I use the controls for viewing a topic?

The list below shows and describes the controls you may find on a topic page. The type of document included in a topic page, as well as the settings applied to the topic, will determine which of the controls listed below will appear on that particular page.

  1. Document viewer: Displays the primary document for the topic.
  2. Document description: This region below the document viewer may contain additional information or resources related to the topic.
  3. Dates: This region displays dates related to the topic, if any.
    • Due: The date and time by which the topic must be read.
    • Start: The date and time at which the topic became available for viewing.
    • End: The date and item at which the topic will stop being available for viewing.
  4. Next Page: Advances to the next page of a multi-page document.
  5. Previous Page: Returns to the previous page of a multi-page document.
  6. Zoom In: Enlarge the display of the document.
  7. Zoom Out: Shrink the display of the document.
  8. Fit to Width: Reset to the default zoom for the document, fitting the full width of the document within the document viewer.
  9. Toggle Fullscreen: Expand the document viewer to fill the entire browser window. Use Toggle Fullscreen a second time to return to normal view of the document.
  10. View content in new window: Opens the current topic in a new window. If you have configured your web browser to open new windows as new tabs, this button will open the current topic in a new tab instead.
  11. View as Text / View as Page:
    • View as Text: Switches display of the document within the document view to a text-only version. In this text-only mode, graphics are not shown, and the formatting of the document is simplified.
    • View as Page: Returns display of the document within the document viewer to the default view, showing any graphics within the document.
  12. View this topic: Check the box to mark the current topic as read. Some topics do not have this check box and instead are automatically marked as read when opened.
  13. Add Bookmark / Remove Bookmark:
    • Add Bookmark: Bookmark the current topic making it easier to return to it later.
    • Remove Bookmark: Clear a previously set bookmark.
  14. or Download: Save the current topic to your computer.
  15. Send to Binder: Make the current topic available for offline viewing in Binder.
  16. Submit Feedback: Leave comments for the course instructor regarding the current topic.
  17. Next: Navigate to the next topic in content.
  18. Previous: Navigate to the previous topic in content.
  19. Breadcrumb trail: Shows the position of the current topic within modules and sub-modules. Clicking the name of a module or sub-module within the breadcrumb trail will jump you to that location.
  20. Table of Contents panel: Expand a side panel that displays the table of contents.

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