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How do I upload files to select individuals?

These instructions assume you are in Wiggio.

  1. Click the Feed tab.
  2. Click the Files () button.
  3. (optional) In the topmost text box, type a comment about the file(s).
  4. In the "Post files" section, add a file:
    • by drag-and-drop:
      1. On your computer, locate the file you wish to share.
      2. Click and drag that file to "Drop files here".
    • from your computer:
      1. Click " Local Drive".
      2. In the window that opens:
        1. Locate the file you wish to share.
        2. Select that file.
        3. Click "Open".
    • from the cloud:
      1. Click " Cloud Drive ".
        1. From the menu that opens, select a cloud service:
          • Google Drive
          • Dropbox
          • SkyDrive
          • Facebook
          • More sources...
            Provides additional options, including: OneDrive, Instagram, Box, Github, Gmail, Flickr, Evernote, Picasa, and taking a photo with your webcam.
        2. Connect with the cloud service and choose your file.
  5. (optional) Add additional files.
  6. (optional) Click "Add comment" to add a description or note for a file.
  7. (optional) Click delete () to remove a file.
  8. Add participants.
  9. Click the "Post" button.

End-of-Life Warning

D2L, Inc. no longer update Wiggio, and over time Wiggio features may become unavailable as web browsers, and web standards, evolve. Though D2L have not announced an end-of-life date for Wiggio, the Instructional & Technology Support team recommend against relying upon Wiggio for critical activities.

Help Desk

Help Desk Contact Info

Location: Boyer Building
Phone: 717-871-7777
Call Center

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  • Summer Sessions:
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Walk-in TAC

Technical Assistance Center - access via W. Frederick Street side of building

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  • Winter/Summer Sessions:
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