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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Automatic Logout from D2L

Why does D2L automatically log me out when I don't use it for a while?

This is for the security of your account. The timed automatic logout reduces the chance that your account will be used by someone else should you ever walk away from your computer while logged in to D2L.

After how many minutes of inactivity will D2L log me out?

90 minutes

What can I do to stay logged in?

Staying active inside D2L will keep you logged in. Every time you move to a new page or tool in the system, submit a post, save a quiz answer, or perform any other activity inside D2L, the 90 minute inactivity timer will reset.

Additionally, D2L will display a warning several minutes before automatically logging you out. Clicking the button in the warning will also reset the inactivity timer.

I don't log in to D2L from campus computer labs or other public locations, may I have a longer timer? May I have the automatic logout feature disabled for me?

No. The same automatic logout setting applies to all users of Millersville University's D2L system.

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