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When I try to upload a file to an assignments folder, the upload stops at a certain point and goes no further. What can I do?

Though assignments does not limit the size of files uploaded to it, issues with your file's name, with your web browser, or with your Internet connection might interfere with your upload.

Troubleshooting Steps

Please try each of the suggestions below in turn, working from the top of the page to the bottom.

Rename Your File

Remove Special Characters from Your File's Name

Rename your file, removing special characters such as:

! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ ` { | } ~

Also remove accented characters, characters from non-English alphabets, and emoji.

Shorten Your File's Name

Reduce the number of characters in your file's name to fewer than 100. Files with names of:

  • more than 128 characters: cannot be uploaded except by drag-and-drop
  • more than 100 characters: cannot be downloaded in some cases

The characters in your file's extension (e.g. .doc) count as characters in the file's name.

Make Sure Your File's Name Has a Proper Extension

Make sure the name of your file ends in a valid file extension. Some examples:

.doc .docx .pdf .ppt .pptx .rtf .txt

Use a Different Browser

Make sure you're using a supported web browser to upload your file. If you're unsuccessful with one supported web browser, try a different one.

Use a Better Connection

If your computer is connected to the Internet using a cellular connection, and you are able to connect your computer to the Internet with WiFi (wireless) or Ethernet (a wire) instead, please do so.

If your computer is connected to the Internet using a WiFi (wireless) connection, and you are able to connect your computer to the Internet with Ethernet (a wire) instead, please do so.

Use a Different Computer

A different computer, particularly one at another location with a different Internet connection, may work better.

Zip the File

Zip the file and then upload the zip file to the assignments folder.

Use Locker

Upload your file to locker. Then, once the file is in your locker, return to the assignments folder and submit the file from your locker to the folder.

Switch to Pop-ups

See: Setting D2L to use pop-up windows

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