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Which tools and features are available within Millersville's D2L system? Which tools and features are not?

D2L, Inc. bundle most of their products into one base package—Brightspace Core—and two add-on packages that enhance and extend it: Engagement Plus and Performance Plus. Additionally the company offer a few supplemental products and services that fall outside Core and the two, main add-on packages.

PASSHE license Brightspace Core and Performance Plus for Millersville University and all other PASSHE universities. PASSHE have not licensed Engagement Plus, and that add-on package is not available at Millersville University.

At Millersville we have most of the tools and features of Core and Performance Plus enabled and available. The few exceptions are mostly items designed for either K-12 or corporate.

If you take advantage of documentation and help materials produced by D2L, Inc., you may run across mention of tools and features of which you've not heard. Please refer to the lists below to determine whether those tools and features are available at Millersville University.

Available Tools and Features



  • Binder (mobile app) (retired)


  • Competencies
  • Content
  • Course Builder
  • Course Overview Widget



  • EBSCO Curriculum Builder (Reading List) (3rd party tool)
  • Email
  • Examity (3rd party tool)


  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




  • Import, Export, Copy Components
  • Infosec Learning Virtual Labs (3rd party tool, only available to CSCI courses)
  • Insert Stuff
  • Insights (previously Analytics)
  • Intelligent Agents


  • Links
  • Locations (with limitations)*
  • Locker




  • Office 365 Widget






  • Templates
  • Turnitin Feedback Studio (3rd party tool)


  • User Progress


  • Video Note



  • YouSeeU Video Assignments (Freemium) (3rd party tool)


  • Zoom (3rd party tool)

Unavailable Tools and Features

  • Awards

    Awards must be defined university-wide; therefore, awards should be established by an appropriate academic committee.

  • Course Design Accelerator

     The course design accelerator is not supportive of the way courses are created at Millersville University.

  • Getting Started Widget

     The getting started widget is a launcher for the course design accelerator which is also disabled.

  • Impersonate

    Impersonation disrupts user progress information as well as access and activity logs.

  • Instructional Design Wizard

    The instructional design wizard is not supportive of the way courses are created at Millersville University. 

  • Messages (previously: Pager)

    The messages tool interrupts course work.

  • Navbar customization

    One navbar is used university-wide to maintain consistent navigation across courses.

  • Bongo Virtual Classroom (Freemium level)

    PASSHE have contracted with Zoom for our synchronous classroom tool.

  • Visual Course List Widget

    The visual course list widget is designed for pre- and early readers in K-12 environments.

Brightspace Products not Licensed by Millersville University

  • Brightspace Engagement Plus
  • Campus Life (defunct)
  • Capture (part of Engagement Plus)
  • Course Catalog
  • Course Merchant
  • Course Publisher
  • Degree Compass
  • LiveRoom (defunct)
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Student Success System
  • Bongo Video Assignments, Premium level
  • Bongo Virtual Classroom, Premium level

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