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What is the purpose of the Student (Extended Access) role?

"Ext Access" stands for "Extended Access". Millersville University created the Student (Ext Access) role for the purpose of extending students' access to D2L courses when necessary. For instance, if a student needs to complete work in a D2L course for an incomplete, Student (Ext Access) can enable that.

In class lists in D2L, Student (Ext Access) will appear as "Student (EA)".

What can extended access students access within D2L?

The Student (Ext Access) role is nearly identical to the Student role. There is only one difference between Student and Student (Ext Access): Student (Ext Access) can continue to access a course past that course's end date.

Within one of your past-semester D2L courses, change a student's role from Student to Student (Ext Access), and that student will have access to that course even though the course's end data has past.

How do I change a student from Student role to the Student (Ext Access) role?

Please see: Changing a person's role

Will changing a student from Student to Student (Ext Access) affect the student's grades, discussion posts, assignments submissions, or other course work?

No, all of the student's grades and course work will remain in place and unchanged.

Do students need the Student (Ext Access) role to see their final grades?

No, students already get extra time to check their final grades. Please see: Course start and end dates

Can I use Student (Ext Access) to give students early access to future semester courses?

No, Student (Ext Access) only bypasses course end dates. It does not bypass course start dates.

Can I use Student (Ext Access) in current semester courses?

There's no need. Aside from the ability to bypass course end dates, Student (Ext Access) is identical to Student. Therefore, Student (Ext Access) provides no advantage over Student for current semester courses.

Additionally, until a semester ends, Banner will continue to send enrollment information to D2L once per day. This daily update will reset enrolled students' roles back to Student every night.

Can Student (Ext Access) access D2L courses that are not active?

No. Student (Ext Access) only bypasses course end dates. A course's active/inactive setting applies to Student (Ext Access) exactly as it does to Student.

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