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How do I schedule a virtual meeting?

These instructions assume you are in Wiggio.

  1. In the left-hand, Groups column locate the group with whom you will be meeting.
  2. Click the name of the group.
  3. Click the Feed tab.
  4. (optional) In the topmost text box, type a comment about the virtual meeting.
  5. For Type, click "Virtual Meeting".
  6. In the Name box, type a name for your virtual meeting.
  7. Choose the planned Length of your virtual meeting.
  8. For "When" choose:
    • Start right now
    • Set a date and time
      1. Use the calendar tool to select the date of your meeting.
      2. Click into the next box and select the time of your meeting.
    • Request availability
      1. Click "Add date" and use the calendar tool to select a possible meeting date.
      2. Click "Time 1" and select a possible meeting time.
      3. (optional) Click "Time 2", "Time 3", etc. and select more possible meeting times.
      4. (optional) Click "More time slots" for four additional slots you can use for possible meeting times.
      5. (optional) Click the "Add a new date" button to add another possible meeting date.
      6. (optional) Click delete () to remove a possible meeting date.
  9. (optional) Add additional participants.
  10. Click the "Post" button.

The Wiggio virtual meeting phone number is not toll-free and is in the 716 (New York, NY) area code. You are responsible for any charges incurred.

End-of-Life Warning

D2L, Inc. no longer update Wiggio, and as web browser makers remove support for the technologies upon which Wiggio was built, features and tools within Wiggio stop working. For example the Wiggio Virtual Meetings tool is no longer available. Please transition from Wiggio to other tools.

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