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Scheduled maintenance downtime

Will D2L be unavailable at times due to scheduled maintenance?

Only very rarely.

In January of 2018, D2L, Inc. moved to new monthly maintenance model that does not typically require downtime. Though D2L continue to reserve a monthly maintenance window for performing important work at their data centers, they almost always perform this work without making the D2L system unavailable or significantly impacting its performance.

When do monthly maintenance windows occur?

D2L's monthly maintenance window is scheduled for:

  • day: 2nd Sunday of each month
  • time: 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. Eastern

D2L may:

  • reschedule a month's maintenance window for another Sunday if the regular schedule conflicts with a holiday
  • cancel monthly maintenance windows that fall at the start or end of major semesters

Will D2L be patched or upgraded? Will the the way D2L looks or works be different after maintenance?

Generally, no.

D2L, Inc. use other, scheduled, monthly continuous improvement windows for updates, improvements, and changes. D2L use monthly maintenance windows for work on the underlying server and network infrastructure at their data centers.

In rare cases D2L, Inc. may apply a patch for a critical D2L bug during a maintenance period.

Will class materials, class work, or other data be lost during maintenance?

No, no data will be lost.

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