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Why shouldn't I use a Comcast ( email account with D2L?

Most email messages sent from D2L do not reach email accounts.


Comcast's email filters mistakenly identify as spam most messages sent from D2L.

Can I find the messages in my Comcast account's spam folder?

No. Comcast does not put messages from D2L into the spam folder. Comcast deletes the messages, providing you with no indication that you ever received a message.

Can I set my Comcast email account to allow email messages from D2L?

No. Comcast does not provide a means of doing this.

Can you have Comcast fix this problem?

Comcast has not responded to requests to address this issue.

Can the sender of an email message do something to let Comcast's filters know the message is not spam?

No. Comcast's filters delete almost all messages from D2L, and while an occasional message does slip through, there's no consistent way of making that happen.

At my home or work, I use Comcast Internet service to access D2L. Will I have problems?

This does not affect using D2L through Comcast's Internet service. If you have Comcast home or business Internet service you can use that Internet service to work in D2L.

This problem only affects email sent to email accounts.

If you are a Millersville University student, faculty member, or staff member, D2L email sent to you will go to your Millersville ( email account, even if you use Comcast's Internet service to access D2L. Millersville email accounts work with D2L, so Millersville students, faculty, and staff are not affected by this problem.

Who does this problem affect most?

Guest D2L accounts; those accounts with usernames that end in "-g".

If you have a D2L guest account, one that ends in "-g", you may be affected by the Comcast spam filter problem. If you have an email account, and the person who requested your D2L guest account provided your email address for that account, then this problem affects you.

What can I do?

If you have a guest D2L account, and that account was set up with an email address, please work with the person who requested your account, or with Millersville University's IT Help Desk, to update your guest D2L account with a different email address. If you do not have a second, email address, consider setting a new email account up with a free service such as Gmail,, or Yahoo!

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