What is the purpose of the Observer role?

Millersville University created the Observer role for the purpose of providing limited course access to faculty performing required course observations of online courses.

What can observers access?

The Observer role is based upon the Student role but with more limited access to D2L tools.

Observers may:

  • view the course calendar
  • use the Chat tool
  • view course checklists
  • view, search, and add personal bookmarks to released content
  • view non-hidden course discussions
  • view dropbox folders
  • open external learning tools (e.g. Course Reserves)
  • view the course FAQ
  • view the course glossary
  • view the Links tool
  • view course news
  • view the lists of current and past quizzes
  • view self assessments
  • view the list of surveys

Unlike students, observers may not:

  • view the classlist
  • view competencies
  • compile content for printing or downloading
  • submit feedback on content topics
  • compose new, or respond to, discussion posts
  • submit assignments to the dropbox
  • email from within the course
  • view the grades tool
  • view groups and sections
  • take quizzes
  • view rubrics
  • view seating charts
  • take surveys

Additional restrictions

Observers cannot view any item that is:

  • hidden
  • in draft

Observers cannot view items protected by many common release conditions. This includes:

  • items released by dates that are in the past or in the future
  • items released to those who achieve a competency, a learning objective, a rubric score, a quiz score, or a grade item value
  • items released to those who have completed an assignment submission, a quiz attempt, a discussion post, a survey attempt
  • items released to those who have received feedback on an assignment submission
  • items released only to non-Observer roles

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