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What is the purpose of the Interpreter role?

Millersville University created the Interpreter role for use by those who support students with special needs. The role may be used to give contracted interpreters appropriate access to the D2L courses in which the students they assist are enrolled.

What can Interpreters access within D2L?

The Interpreter role is similar to the Student role but with a number of additional limitations appropriate to interpreters' use of D2L. To oversimplify: the Interpreter role is a "read only" version of the Student role. For tool specific abilities and limitation, please see below.

Access by Tool

In Assignments

  • Interpreters can:
    • see and submit files to assignment folders
    • see feedback on their submissions

In Classlist

  • Interpreters can:
    • see the class list

In Content

  • Interpreters can:
    • view content that is available to students
    • submit feedback on content
  • Interpreters cannot:
    • see content that is released based upon grades

If an Interpreter needs advance access to materials in content, copy those materials to a new content module, a module that you release only to the Interpreter

In Discussions

  • Interpreters can:
    • read discussions that are available to students
    • see post ratings
  • Interpreters cannot:
    • post in discussions
    • rate posts

In Grades

  • Interpreters can:
    • see the grade items visible to students
  • Interpreters cannot:
    • be given grades

In Groups

  • Interpreters can:
    • be enrolled into groups by Instructors
    • self-enroll into groups, when that option is available
  • Interpreters cannot:
    • be auto-enrolled into groups

In Publisher Integrations

  • Interpreters can:
    • access and use the publisher's materials, tools, and services just as a student can

If students need to purchase access to, or enter an access code for, the publisher integration, an Interpreter will also need to do so if he or she wishes to access the integrated materials, tools, and services.

In Quizzes

  • Interpreters can:
    • see the list of quizzes, just as Students can
    • open and take quizzes, just as Students can
  • Interpreters cannot:
    • receive grades for quiz attempts

If a quiz includes randomization–questions selected at random from question sets, questions that build math problems by choosing numbers at random from set ranges, or questions that randomize the display order of their possible answers–then an Interpreter will not see the same quiz as the student he or she assists when the student and the interpreter enter the quiz separately. To see the same quiz as a student, an interpreter will need to either:

  • be present with the student taking the quiz, looking at the student's screen
  • use screen sharing application or service to remotely view the student's screen

In Seating Chart

  • Interpreters can:
    • see seating charts
  • Interpreters cannot:
    • appear in seating charts

In Surveys

  • Interpreters can:
    • see the list of surveys, just as Students can
  • Interpreters cannot:
    • open or take surveys

In other tools: Announcements, Chat, Checklist, Calendar, Email, FAQ, Glossary, Links, Locker, MU Video (My Media), Self Assessments

  • Interpreters can:
    • use these tools the same as Students do


Help Desk

Help Desk Contact Info

Location: Boyer Building

Phone: 717-871-7777


Classroom Hotline: 717-871-7820

Call Center

  • Fall/Spring Semesters:
    • M-Th 7:00am - 7:00pm EST
    • F 7:00am - 5:00pm EST
  • Summer Sessions:
    • M-F 7:00am - 5:00pm EST

Walk-in TAC

Technical Assistance Center - access via W. Frederick Street side of building

  • Fall/Spring Semesters:
    • M-Th 8:00 am - 7:00pm, F 8:00am - 5:00pm EST
  • Winter/Summer Sessions:
    • M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm EST

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