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What can I do to improve the performance and quality of application sharing in Collaborate Ultra?

Turn off your webcam while using application sharing.

The video from your webcam and the video from application sharing both require large amounts of bandwidth. Using only one of them at a time will allow to Collaborate Ultra to allocate more bandwidth to that one activity, improving its video quality.

Do not application share videos.

Application sharing cannot keep up videos playing on your computer. Whether playing in a web browser, in a media player, or an application, videos will not play well through application sharing. Participants in your session will see a frozen, still image or, at best, a disjointed series of images, like a bad flip book animation.

Avoid flipping between applications.

Application sharing works best when Collaborate Ultra can send a series of small changes: a mouse cursor moving, spreadsheet cells updating, text changing as its edited. Each time everything changes at once, such as happens when you switch to a different app, it takes time for Collaborate Ultra get the entire change sent out to participants.

Check with participants after switching applications or making other large changes.

Each time you switch applications, or make some other major change to your screen, Collaborate Ultra will take at least a few seconds to catch session participants back up with what you're seeing on your screen now. Check with your participants that they're seeing what you see before you move on in your presentation.

When possible, share a specific application, not your desktop.

Application sharing a single application, particularly if you don't maximize that application to full screen, demands less bandwidth than sharing your entire desktop. The smaller you can keep your shared application window, while still providing an effective demonstration, the better Collaborate Ultra's application sharing will perform.

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