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What is the purpose of the Guest role?

Millersville University created the Guest role for the purpose of providing limited and temporary D2L access to select individuals who are not regular Millersville students, faculty, or staff. For instance, a subject matter expert invited by a Millersville faculty member to participate in a class discussion might be given a guest account.

Additionally special student assistants, such as interpreters and educational support coaches, use the Guest role at the D2L system level. Within individual D2L courses, these student assistants should be given the role appropriate to the help the assistant provides: Interpreter role or Ed Support Coach role.

How may I request a guest account for an outside person?

Please see Requesting access for a guest.

Once a person has a guest account in D2L, can I enroll her or him in my D2L course shells just as I do other users?

Yes, but please do not enroll guests as Instructors. Doing so would violate students' privacy and rights.

For guests such as outside speakers, please use the Guest role.

For special student assistants such as interpreters or educational support coaches, please use the corresponding role: Interpreter role or Ed Support Coach role.

What can guests access within D2L?

The Guest role is based upon the Student role and therefore has similar access to the tools within D2L. Guests may read content, participate in discussions, submit files to assignments folders, and join Zoom meetings just as Students do.

However, to protect the privacy of regular Millersville students, faculty, and staff, guests cannot:

  • view the profiles of others
  • access D2L's built-in blog tool
  • access the public locker files of others or make their own locker files public


  • guests cannot:
    • take quizzes
    • be graded in grades
    • be assessed in discussions
    • be auto-enrolled into groups
  • guests do not have access to:
    • the Resources for Student Success course
    • the Shared Governance course

How are guest accounts identified?

In addition to appearing in the system with the role "Guest", standard guest accounts have usernames ending with the two characters "-g".

Accounts for interpreters and educational support coaches do not have usernames that end in "-g". These accounts do appear with the role "Guest" though.

Are guest accounts temporary?

Typical guest accounts are temporary, yes. A guest account is only granted to a person for a limited time, typically not longer than one semester. The expiration date of a guest account must be specified at the time the account is created, and once a guest account's expiration date is reached, the account is deleted.

Accounts for interpreters and educational support coaches exist for longer periods of time.

Will the contributions a guest made within a course remain after the guest account is deleted?

Discussions posts made by the guest will remain in the course, but all of the guest's other contributions and activity will disappear entirely and permanently. For example dropbox submissions made by the guest will be deleted.

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