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How do I embed a Word, Excel, or other Office 365 document in Content?

If you embed your Office 365 document into Content, then it will always show the current revision of the document. Any time you save changes to your document in Office 365, those changes will immediately appear everywhere you have embedded the document. This saves you time and effort when you have documents that you update frequently and use in multiple D2L courses.

Getting the Embed Code

  1. Log in to Office 365 ( using your regular Millersville University username and password.
  2. If you:
    • have already put your document in Office 365:
      1. Use the Documents section to locate and open your document.
    • have not already put your document in Office 365:
      1. In the Document section, click: Upload and open...
      2. Use the file window that opens to:
        1. browse or search your computer
        2. locate your document
        3. select your document
        4. open your document
      3. Wait while Office 365 uploads and then opens your document.
  3. In Office 365's menu bar, click: File.
  4. In the File menu that opens, click: Share.
  5. On the Share page, click: Embed.
  6. In the Embed window that opens:
    1. (optional) Adjust how large your document will appear within the page where you embed it.
      1. Under Dimensions enter new values for Width and Height. Examples: Width 600 and Height 800, Width 800 and Height 1024
    2. Click the ⌄ to the right of "Interaction" to reveal additional embedding options.
      1. (optional) Uncheck "Let people print the document" to make printing the embedded document more difficult.
      2. (optional) Uncheck "Let people see the embed code for this document" to make re-sharing the embedded document more difficult.
      3. (optional) Check "Start on page" and enter a page number to automatically jump people to that page when they view the embedded document.
    3. Select all of the code in the Embed Code box.
      The embed code begins with <iframe and ends with </iframe> and is often longer than the Embed Code box can display at one time. You may need to scroll as you select the code or use Select All.

Putting the Embed in Content

These instructions assume you are in content.

  1. Go to the module into which you want to add your Office 365 document.
  2. Click: Upload / Create ⌄
  3. In the menu that opens, click: Create a File.
  4. On the Create a File page:
    1. Type a name for your topic in the Enter a Title box.
    2. (optional) Use Browse for a Template to locate and select a template for your new content topic.
    3. Click the Insert Stuff button.
    4. In the Insert Stuff window that opens:
      1. Click: Enter Embed Code
      2. Paste your Office 365 document embed code.
        Your pasted embed code should begin with <iframe and end with </iframe>. If any of the code is missing, the embed will fail.
      3. Click the Next button.
      4. The preview D2L attempts to display probably will not work. Just click the Insert button.
    5. (optional) Use the Change Path button to put this topic in a specific folder within Manage Files.
    6. Click the Publish button.

You may need to allow your web browser to display the embed.

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