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How do I create widget that shows the results of a Twitter search?

These instructions assume you have already logged in to D2L.

  1. Click on "" in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the " Widgets" link.
  3. Click the "Create Widget" button.
  4. On the "Properties" tab:
    1. In the Name text entry box, type a name for the widget.
    2. (Optional) In the Description text entry box, type a description of the widget to help you identify it later.
    3. Click the "Save" button.
  5. Click the "Content" tab.
  6. On the "Content" tab:
    1. In the bar at the bottom of the Contents text edit box, click the "Edit HTML Source" button (). A new window titled "HTML Source Editor" will open.
  7. In another browser window, open Twitter's Widgets Configurator page (
  8. In Twitter's Widgets Configurator page:
    1. In the Search Query text entry box, type the word for which you wish your widget to search. Recent tweets containing this word will be displayed by the widget. You can use hashtags, words that begin with "#".
    2. Optionally adjust one or more of the settings under Configuration. The preview of your widget will automatically update as you change configuration settings.
      • Only show top Tweets: "Top tweets" are those that, in Twitter's view, have most caught the attention of Twitter users.
      • Safe search mode: By Twitter's definition, "sensitive content" includes nudity, violence, and medical procedures.
      • Auto-expand photos: Read this option as "show preview images".
      • Height: Type a height, in pixels, for your widget.
      • Theme: Choose "Light" or "Dark", but beware: Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.
      • Link color: Click "Default (blue)" and select, or enter, another color.
      • Opt-out of tailoring Twitter: Twitter tries to algorithmically determine items that might interest you. Learn more.
    3. Click the "Create widget" button.
    4. Select all of the code in the text box that appears.
    5. Copy the code to your computer's clipboard.
  9. Switch back to D2L's HTML Source Editor window.
  10. In the HTML Source Editor window:
    1. Uncheck "Word wrap".
    2. Paste the Twitter widget code from your computer's clipboard into the text edit box in the HTML Source Editor window.
    3. Click the "Save" button. The HTML Source Editor window will close returning you to D2L's Edit Widget page. The Contents text edit box will show only the linked text "<your search word> Tweets", not your full widget. This is normal.
  11. Click the "Save and Close" button.

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