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How do I copy content from one course into another?

These instructions assume you have already logged in to D2L.

In the following instructions:

  • The Destination Course is the shell into which you want to copy materials.
  • The Source Course is the shell that already contains the materials you want to copy.
  1. Go to the course homepage of the Destination Course.
  2. Click on "" in the navigation bar.
  3. Click "Import / Export / Copy Components".
  4. Leave selected the bubble for "Copy Components from Another Org Unit".
  5. Leave checked the box for "Include protected resources".
  6. Click the "Search for offering" button.
  7. In the "Select Course Offering" window that opens:
    1. Locate the Source Course by one of the following methods:
      • Type all or part of the name of the Source Course in the "Search for" box and click the search button.
      • Browse through the list of your courses, using the "Page" controls to switch to other pages of the course list, if necessary.
    2. Click the bubble at the left end of the Source Course's row.
    3. Click the "Add Selected" button.
  8. Choose what materials to copy from the Source Course to the Destination Course.
    • If you want to copy everything from the Source Course:
      1. Click the "Copy All Components" button.
      2. Wait for Desire2Learn to queue and process your copy request.
    • If you want to copy only materials from within certain tools (e.g. Content, Quizzes, Surveys)
      1. Click the "Select Components" button.
      2. Check the box next to each tool for which you want to copy materials. Important: To copy materials from Content, check the boxes for both "Content" and "Content Display Settings".
      3. If you want to copy only certain materials from within a given tool, click the bubble next to "Select individual items to copy" under that tool.
      4. Click the "Continue" button.
      5. If you did not choose "Select individual items to copy" for any tools, skip this step. To select which items to copy for one or more tools:
        1. Check the box to the left of each item you wish to copy. Click the "+" controls, if available, to reveal individual items inside groupings.
        2. When you have checked the box for each item you want to copy, click the "Continue" button.
      6. Click the "Finish" button.
      7. Wait for D2L to queue and process your copy request.


To copy materials from the Content tool, you must check boxes for both "Content" and "Content Display Settings" during the copy components process.


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