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These instructions assume you have already logged in to D2L and entered the course in which you wish to work.

These instructions assume you are in content.

  1. Click the Existing Activities button.
  2. In the activities menu that opens, click Cengage MindLinks.
  3. If your web browser notifies you that Cengage LMS Integration wants to access your information:
    1. Check the do not ask again box.
    2. Click the Continue or Ok button.
  4. If you are asked to log in to, or create, a Cengage Learning account:
    • If you do already have a Cengage Learning account:
      1. Type your username and password.
      2. Click the Login button.
    • If you do not have a Cengage Learning account yet:
      1. Click the Create an Account button.
      2. Complete the form.

      3. Agree to the Cengage terms of use.

  5. (optional) Make the Add Activity window larger by clicking and dragging the window's handle, located in the bottom right corner.

  6. Within the Add Activity window:

    1. Near the top, choose between:

      • the LEARNING PLATFORMS tab, and then:

        1. In the list of available Cengage learning platforms, locate the one you wish to connect with your course.

        2. Click the LINK TO COURSE button for that learning platform.

        3. Wait while Cengage loads the available options.

        4. Choose (click the bubble for) the appropriate option:

          • Create a new MindTap course

          • Copy from my existing course

          • Copy from another instructor's course

          • Link to an existing course or section

        5. Complete the form that appears. The information requested by the form will vary according to the option you chose in the previous step.

        6. Click the Continue button.

      • the EBOOKS tab, and then either:

        • Add a new eBook to the course:

          1. Click the + ADD EBOOK button.

          2. Search for the eBook by title, author, or ISBN.

          3. Click the LINK TO COURSE button for the eBook.

        • Choose an existing eBook.

Your Cengage account is not linked to your Millersville accounts. Therefore, your Cengage account username and password are not synchronized with, and may be different from, your standard Millersville username and password.

For more information, please see Cengage's instructor resources.


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