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How can I combine course shells I already have in D2L Brightspace?

For Fall 2020 Millersville is using a new means of connecting Banner with D2L Brightspace. Differences between this new connection method and the old, pre-Fall 2020 one mean that combinations work differently for Fall 2020 and Summer 3 2020 courses.

Combining Fall 2020 Courses

Contact the IT Help Desk and provide them with information on which D2L courses you want combined, and please be specific. If you can provide CRNs, those are best, but subject codes, course numbers, and section numbers will also work to guide the I&TS team as they make your combination.

During the combination all but one of the D2L courses involved will be deleted. Therefore, please let the Help Desk know whether you have already put work into any of the courses to be combined. If you specify the one existing course you wish to be the survivor, I&TS will combine into that one for you. Or if you have not worked in any of the D2L courses, telling the Help Desk that will let I&TS know it is safe for them to pick any one course and proceed.

Sorry, but D2L Brightspace does not provide any means for the I&TS team to move your students' work to between D2L courses. Please contact the Help Desk about your course combinations before your courses open to students.

Combining Summer 3 2020 Courses

IT cannot combine your Summer 3 2020 sections for you, but there is a manual process you can use as a workaround:

These instructions assume you have already logged in to D2L.

  1. Decide which of your course sections (D2L course shells) you wish to combine.
  2. Pick one of them to be the "keeper", the one you'll use as the combined shell.
  3. Go into that "keeper" D2L course, and manually add all of the students registered for each of the other sections.
  4. Adjust the name of your keeper course so all your students, from all the sections, know this is the right D2L course for them.
  5. Make sure the keeper course is active.
  6. Make sure all the other, non-keeper courses are inactive.

Pre-COVID-19 the university did have a custom tool in MAX for combining sections into D2L courses, but that tool, as well as related processes IT used behind the scenes to combine already created D2L courses, all had to be disabled at the end of Spring 2020. Other, new, emergency enhancements—like automatically putting all sections in D2L and creating accounts for just-admitted students—were needed immediately, and there wasn't time to rebuild the course combination process to keep it compatible, especially since IT were also devoting time to preparing a completely different, and much better, Banner-D2L connection for Fall 2020.

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