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Can I combine course shells I already have in D2L Brightspace? How?

To accommodate the move to teaching all course sections remotely, Information Technologies had to make changes to the process that connects D2L with Banner. Though these emergency changes don't allow the sorts of combinations that were available in the past (by you in MAX or by IT in Banner), there is a workaround.

A workaround to "combine" courses in D2L Brightspace:

These instructions assume you have already logged in to D2L.

  1. Decide which of your course sections (D2L course shells) you wish to combine.
  2. Pick one of them to be the "keeper", the one you'll use as the combined shell.
  3. Go into that "keeper" D2L course, and manually add all of the students registered for each of the other sections.
  4. Adjust the name of your keeper course so all your students, from all the sections, know this is the right D2L course for them.
  5. Make sure the keeper course is active.
  6. Make sure all the other, non-keeper courses are inactive.

For Summer 3 2020, Millersville University will use a new, much improved system for connecting D2L Brightspace with Banner. With that improved D2L-Banner connection will return real section combination options, eliminating the need for this workaround. The I&TS team appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

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