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  • When creating a new Assignment folder, instructors now have the options of "On paper submission" and "Observed in person".
    • Learners cannot upload files or leave text comments for either of these types. Rather the types allow for students to see a folder that communicates activity will be done off line or presented in person.
    • If either of these options is chosen, instructors then need to select an option for how the assignment will be marked as completed. "Completed" does not mean an assignment is evaluated, only that the offline activity or presentation has taken place. Instructors may chose to have on paper submission or observed in person folders marked as completed
      • "Automatically on due date". A due date must be set for this option.
      • "Manually by learners". Each learner must click into the assignment folder and set as "completed".
      • "Automatically on evaluation". Completion status is updated when an instructor saves the evaluation/score for each student.


  • "Send to Binder" option will be removed from Content on November 1st ahead of Brightspace Binder app reaching end-of-life status.


  • Learners' quiz responses are now automatically saved during the quiz taking process. 
    • For forced response questions (such as Multiple Choice and True or False), learner responses are saved automatically when they select the radio button or checkbox.
    • Text input questions autosave every 10 to 15 seconds.
    • html-enabled questions save when the mouse cursor is clicked outside the quiz response input area.
    • Autosave sends save timestamps to the quizzing log, as the manual save function previously did.
    • For quizzes with multiple pages, quiz responses automatically save upon navigating to a new quiz page.
    • The Save all Responses and Go to Submit Quiz buttons have been removed, and are no longer visible on the quiz page. The only button now visible on the quiz page is Submit Quiz.
    • If internet connectivity is lost during the quiz-taking process, learners can answer questions but are unable to autosave questions or submit the quiz until the connection is restored.
  • Instructors can no longer attach a rubric to a quiz or grade rubrics already attached to a quiz.