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  • New "Text Submission, no file required" option when creating Assignment folders allows learners to create a submission using the HTML editor instead of uploading a file to the folder.
  • Instructors must select this option, if desired, when creating a new Assignment folder. The option cannot be added to existing folders. Once an Assignment folder with the option to allow Text submissions has been created, it cannot be edited back to allow for uploaded file submission rather a new Assignment folder would need to be created.
  • Turnitin Integration Updated
    • Updates have been made to date management; Start and End dates are no longer managed separately for the Assignment folder and the Turnitin integration when enabled for that folder.
    • Turnitin enabled folders will now copy to new courses without the need to re-enable the Turnitin integration for that folder.
    • Feedback left in GradeMark for Group Type Assignment folders is now visible to all group members. Previously it was only visible to the individual who submitted on the groups behalf.
    • Instructors now have the option when enabling GradeMark for an Assignment folder to "Automatically sync grades as Draft in Brightspace" or "Manually sync grades as Draft in Brightspace". Syncing grades in this manner will allow for scores left in the MarkUp window to transfer to the D2L score field. Scores will not be "published" to learners until an instructor chooses that option at that folder, regardless of the GradeMark sync option selected.
    • Learners can now have access to GradeMark feedback when instructors "Publish" feedback, even if no score is assigned for a folder.
    • Once instructors "Publish" feedback, learners can access the MarkUp from the Assignment folder, from Class Progress, and from an associated Grade item. An icon and text to "View Inline Feedback" appear consistently to students in all 3 locations.


  • Instructors will no longer be able to opt out of the new Quizzes Experience view in preference of the older quizzes creation interface. The updated Experiences view is now the system default for all users.
  • Text and image question types have been removed. All existing text and image type questions will be converted to "Sections". Placing a Section that contains an image or block of text on a quiz will function identically as having a Text or Information Type question on the quiz.


Widgets now display more prominently against homepage backgrounds.