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My Courses Widget

The My Courses widget no longer automatically pins future courses; rather, the widget displays results by current enrollments or last activity in a non-pinned state. Users can continue to manually pin courses as appropriate for their purposes.

Exemptions - Additional launch points

This feature provides instructors the ability to launch the Manage Exemptions page from the following tools:

The Assignments tool: 
- On the Assignment Submission Folders page, in the context menu of an assignment folder
- On the Assignments page as a button at the top of the page

The Discussions tool:
- On the Discussions List page, in the context menu of a topic
- On the View Topic page, in the context menu beside the topic name
- On the Assess Topic page as a button at the top of the page

The Quizzes tool:
- On the Manage Quizzes page, in the context menu of a quiz
- On the Grade Quiz page as a button at the top of the page

HTML Editor - Advanced image editing

Users can now edit images in place (including flipping, rotating, and adjusting brightness, sharpness, and color), edit the image description, and edit the size of the image. Image changes save to Manage Files, or, depending on user permissions, as new file attachments to the item (such as Discussions) every time a change is made. Multiple edits will create multiple items.

Question Library - New question import workflow (This change was communicated in the January Update Notification.)

This feature adds new ways for instructors to search the Question Library when adding questions to a quiz. Using a slide in panel featuring the questions in a tree structure enables easy navigation of questions to be added to quizzes. The ability to sort questions by their source collection, question type, points value, and question text has also been added.

Quicklinks - Self-Enrollment Groups link

Instructors can now insert a Quicklink to self-enrolling groups. This update provides learners a direct path to sign up for their group and a new Group Self-Enrollment screen.

Quizzes - Due Dates Available

To improve the consistency of dates across tools in Brightspace Learning Environment, due dates are available for quizzes. This allows instructors to better communicate when quizzes are due, and better identify when a learner submits a quiz late. This change impacts when quizzes are marked as late. A quiz is now considered late if it is submitted after the due date is reached. Previously, ‘late’ referred to attempts submitted after the time limit of an ‘enforced time limit’ quiz was exceeded. Quizzes submitted after the due date are labeled ‘submitted late’. Quizzes submitted after the time limit is reached are now labeled as ‘exceeded time limit’.