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Intelligent Agents

  • A link to the Intelligent Agents tool can now be found on the Communication drop down menu within a course. Only instructors can see and access this link.
  • A link to the Intelligent Agents tool can now be found on the Class Progress page.

Question Library

  • The workflow for importing questions from the Question Library to place on a Quiz has been updated.
    • The option to "Browse Question Library" now appears under the Import button when adding questions to a Quiz.
    • The Browse Question Library feature appears as a slide in panel with the library questions arranged in a tree structure.
    • The Browse Question Library panel allows instructors to sort and/or filter questions by their source collection, question type, points value, and question text.


  • Confirmation buttons to start and submit a quiz have been removed.
    • When students click "Start" on the quiz instruction screen, they are taken directly to the quiz and do not have to click OK to commence the quiz.
    • When students complete a quiz and click "Go to Submit Quiz", they are taken to the Quiz Submission Confirmation screen where they can either submit the quiz or return to one of the quiz questions using the Quiz Info menu.