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  • Assignments folders now have a "draft" visibility status, just like Quizzes "inactive" status and Content "draft" status. When an instructor creates a new assignment folder, the new folder defaults to the draft visibility state, meaning that students cannot yet see the folder. Instructors may change the "hidden" status of assignment folders by either unchecking "hidden from users" on the "Restrictions" tab while editing the folder or by selecting "Make Visible to Users" from the drop down option menu next to an Assignment folder name on the list of folders at Assignments.
  • The new draft visibility status will allow for consistency between Assignment folders added as activities at Content and the visibility of the same folder at Assignments; if a folder is hidden on the Assignments list, that folder will appear as "in draft" when added as a Content Topic.
  • A closed eye icon will appear next to the name of a hidden folder on the Assignment folder list for easy identification of hidden folders.


  • Icons reflecting the type of file will (once again) appear next to Topics in Content. These icons are visible in the main Table of Contents view, the Module Content view, and the Table of Contents fly-out menu when viewing a topic or activity. (Icons were already visible in the Content Browser Widget).


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