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Supported Browsers

  • D2L no longer supports Explore 10 or Safari 6,7 and 8.


  • New "Group or section topic" type when creating new Topics. Topics created using this option type can not be changed back to open type to allow for all individuals to view posts. When selecting this type, nstructors may choose to create one topic per group from a designated Groups Category or to create one topic with threads separated by group (students will only see threads posted by their own group members). If instructors choose to create one topic with threads separated by group, the single topic can then be associated with a single grade item.
  • When viewing a discussion topic, in reading view, at the Discussions area (not the Content area) availability, locking and other optional settings that the instructor has turned on for the topic are displayed directly below the topic name. The filter options to view by Unread, Flagged and Unapproved are now grouped under a "Filter by" dropdown menu.


  • New feature to "Automatically release final grade" can be found on the calculation options tab of Grade settings. Instructors must select to release either the Calculated Final Grade or the Adjusted Final Grade. When the new "Automatically release final grade" feature is enabled, values in the designated calculated or adjusted final grade column will be visible to students. Previously instructors had to manually trigger release of the final grade by choosing to "Grade All" from the Final Grade drop down options menu and then designating which students final grades to release or make visible.


  • The interface for creating or editing Long Answer type questions has been redesigned.