Blog from February, 2017


You may now use MAX to request Summer 1, Summer 2, Summer 3, and Fall 2017 D2L course shells.

  • The instructions for requesting courses are available in the D2L Resources wiki.
  • As you make a course request in MAX, the D2L Course tool there will present you with a default name for your new shell, and at that time, you can adjust the name as you like. If you accidentally skip that renaming opportunity, or decide upon a better name later, you can rename your course shell right from within D2L.
  • If you want to combine two or more sections (CRNs) into a single D2L course shell, please use the combined course request option in MAX's D2L Course tool. Attempting to combine shells after they have been created will take days away from the time you have to work on building your course and may force you to re-upload or recreate course materials.
  • While the D2L Course tool in MAX won't let you and a colleague combine your sections into one D2L course shell, the help desk can assist with that. So, if you want to combine sections with a colleague, please do not request independent shells using MAX. Instead contact the IT help desk with your request.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the IT help desk.

HTML Editor

  • When equations are inserted into the HTML Editor, instructors can now see the equations inline while they are editing their work.


  • The interface for creating or editing Short Answer type questions has been redesigned.

At this time you may experience problems reaching D2L. Technicians at D2L have resolved the issue that created the connection problems, but you may experience lingering connection problems while the fix takes effect.


Though the D2L system itself remains online and fully operational, a domain name system (DNS) issue may prevent you from connecting to the system. Technicians at D2L have updated DNS to correct the problem; however, due to the distributed nature of DNS, it will take time for D2L's correction to propagate out to all Internet service providers. Until your Internet service provider receives the update, you will not be able to access D2L.

Therefore, should you experience problems connecting to D2L, please wait a few minutes and then refresh your web browser to try connecting again.

If you have any questions, please contact the Millersville IT Help Desk.

Supported Browsers

  • D2L no longer supports Explore 10 or Safari 6,7 and 8.


  • New "Group or section topic" type when creating new Topics. Topics created using this option type can not be changed back to open type to allow for all individuals to view posts. When selecting this type, nstructors may choose to create one topic per group from a designated Groups Category or to create one topic with threads separated by group (students will only see threads posted by their own group members). If instructors choose to create one topic with threads separated by group, the single topic can then be associated with a single grade item.
  • When viewing a discussion topic, in reading view, at the Discussions area (not the Content area) availability, locking and other optional settings that the instructor has turned on for the topic are displayed directly below the topic name. The filter options to view by Unread, Flagged and Unapproved are now grouped under a "Filter by" dropdown menu.


  • New feature to "Automatically release final grade" can be found on the calculation options tab of Grade settings. Instructors must select to release either the Calculated Final Grade or the Adjusted Final Grade. When the new "Automatically release final grade" feature is enabled, values in the designated calculated or adjusted final grade column will be visible to students. Previously instructors had to manually trigger release of the final grade by choosing to "Grade All" from the Final Grade drop down options menu and then designating which students final grades to release or make visible.


  • The interface for creating or editing Long Answer type questions has been redesigned.