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  • There is a new group category type called "Single user, member-specific groups". This new category type creates a group for each student enrolled in the course using the students first and last name as the group name rather than "Group 1", Group 2" etc.. If a new student is enrolled into the course, a new group is automatically created for that student.

HTML Editor

  • Content copied from a Microsoft Word document or HTML source and pasted into the D2L HTML Editor will now retain the look and feel of the source document.

Intelligent Agents

  • Scheduled agents will stop running and are automatically disabled if a course is made inactive, the course end date is passed or the course is deleted.
  • Instructors can now multi-select and delete agents from the Agents list page.
  • Deleted agents can be restored; restored agents maintain existing properties and history.
  • The "Practice Run" and "Run Now" options work on disabled agents, allowing instructors to test an agent before it is enabled.
  • There are 3 new replace strings available for use when composing an email sent with an agent. These new stings are listed in the inline help for replace strings found on the agent creation page.
  • The Agent List page contains a new column that lists the Next Run Date for agents with enabled schedules.
  • The time of day agents will run is noted on the Intelligent Agents Settings page.


  • The interface for creating or editing a multiple choice question has been redesigned.
  • In the new "Question Creation Experience" the ability to edit feedback, hints and custom weights for individual answers is now located under an "Options" menu.
  • Instructors will be prompted to opt-in or opt-out of this new look and feel when creating or editing a multiple choice question.

User Progress

  • User Progress has been renamed "Class Progress". Functionality has not changed.