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UPDATE: As of 4 p.m. Eastern, it appears technicians at the network provider resolved the routing problem. D2L is accessible from the Millersville campus, as well as other locations, again. Technicians at D2L and from Millersville University's Information Technology department continue to monitor the system.

Original Incident

The D2L system is currently not accessible from the Millersville campus. This is due to technical problems at a network provider between Millersville and D2L's data center.

The D2L system has not crashed, remains online, and has not lost any work or data that was saved prior to the start of the network problem. The network problem exists outside of D2L's, and Millersville's, network and blocks access to D2L from many parts of North America, including Millersville.

Technicians at the network provider's facility are working to correct the problem.