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At this time a bug in D2L disrupts the display to instructors of special access times for quizzes. This bug will be fixed by the next continuous improvement update of D2L, scheduled for Friday, February 19, 2016.

When entering times for special access to a quiz, enter the times as you want them. After you save the special access, the times will display to you incorrectly–off by five hours–but D2L has actually saved the correct time.

For students taking the quiz, D2L will use the times you enter and save, not the times it displays to you after saving.


This bug is due to a mistake in the way D2L handles time zones while displaying quiz special access times to instructors. Though the page into which you enter special access times asks for the times in Eastern Standard Time (EST), and saves them that way, D2L shows the times in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), which is five hours different from EST.