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PowToon in MU Video

What is PowToon?

PowToon allows you to create animated videos and presentations that can include voice overs and background music.

How do I get PowToon?

For Millersville's PowToon trial, you won't need to download or install anything. You'll create, share, and view PowToon animations from within MU Video, right in your web browser.

What is this trial?

Right now, the companies that make the software behind MU Video and PowToon are working together on the integration between their two systems. Millersville University is joining the beta test of that integration.

Because this is a beta test, you may encounter bugs or other problems while using PowToon in MU Video. If you do, please tell the IT Help Desk about them.

How do I create a PowToon in MU Video?

Please see the video below.

If your web browser does not display, or properly play, the embedded video above, please watch the video on its own, external page.

When the trial ends, will Millersville keep PowToon?

If enough people find PowToon in MU Video effective for teaching and learning, and if the price is right, we'll consider it. Please share your thoughts on PowToon in MU Video, your stories of success of success (or failure!), with the IT Help Desk.