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You may now use MAX to request Winter and Spring 2016 D2L course shells.

  • The instructions for requesting courses are available in the D2L Resources wiki.
  • As you make a course request in MAX, the D2L Course tool there will present you with a default name for your new shell, and at that time, you can adjust the name as you like. If you accidentally skip that renaming opportunity, or decide upon a better name later, you can rename your course shell right from within D2L.
  • If you want to combine two or more sections (CRNs) into a single D2L course shell, please use the combined course request option in MAX's D2L Course tool. Attempting to combine shells after they have been created will take days away from the time you have to work on building your course and may force you to re-upload or recreate course materials.
  • While the D2L Course tool in MAX won't let you and a colleague combine your sections into one D2L course shell, the help desk can assist with that. So, if you want to combine sections with a colleague, please do not request independent shells using MAX. Instead contact the help desk with your request.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the help desk.