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The login error message problem was resolved by 10:52 a.m. Eastern on Friday, September 11, 2015. Logins using the "Login" and "InCommon Login" buttons are working normally.

D2L, Inc. technicians corrected the problem by updating some of the authentication configuration files on D2L servers.

Error Message on Attempted Login

At this time, attempting to log in to D2L using either the "Login" or "InCommon Login" button fails. Both buttons lead to an "Internal Error" message page rather than a normal login page.

Millersville Information Technologies staff notified D2L, Inc. of this problem, and D2L technicians are investigating.

For now:

  • If you are a Millersville University student, faculty, or staff member, please log in using the "Guest Login" link and your normal username and password.
  • If you are a Kutztown University student, the "Guest Login" link will not work for you. Please wait while Millersville Information Technologies staff work with D2L to resolve this issue.