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Resolved - 28 January 2015, 1:32 p.m. Eastern

D2L, Inc.'s technicians identified and corrected the problem that prevented some email messages sent from within D2L from leaving the system. D2L messages sent from within D2L are now leaving the system promptly and being delivered normally.

The D2L system did not lose any messages due to, or during the time of, the problem. Messages that did not leave D2L servers during the time the problem was in effect were queued on D2L's servers. All messages stored in that queue have now been sent out.

Original Post

Some email messages sent from within D2L are not reaching their destinations. Not all email messages are affected; most messages are being delivered normally. Some messages though are becoming stuck within the D2L system instead of being sent out for delivery.

Technicians at D2L, Inc., and at the data center that hosts Millersville's D2L system, are working to resolve this issue.

This problem is occurring within D2L's servers and affects the D2L systems of multiple PASSHE universities.

Millersville's email systems are functioning normally, and sending email from D2L to other, non-Millersville email addresses will not avoid the problem. Email messages sent from D2L to non-Millersville email addresses appear to be blocked at the same rate as messages sent to Millersville email addresses.

There is no way to tell from within the D2L system whether an email message has reached all its intended recipients. Furthermore, some messages are reaching some, but not all, intended recipients, so sending a copy of a message to yourself does not provide a reliable indication of whether or not the message reached others.

D2L technicians believe that all undelivered messages caught up in their servers by this problem will be delivered when the problem is fixed.