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UPDATE: Current semester D2L course shells can now be deleted. Millersville IT staff continue to work on a solution for deleting those past semester D2L shells course instructors wish purged from the system.

At this time, a problem with the exchange of information between D2L and Banner, Millersville University's student information system, prevents Millersville from deleting D2L course shells. D2L and Banner support staff from Millersville are working with support staff at D2L, Inc. to resolve this problem as quickly as possible.

The button in MAX to request the removal of D2L courses still works, and Millersville's help desk is queuing requested course deletions for processing as soon as support staff fix the information exchange issue.

This problem does not affect the creation of course shells or the enrollment into those shells of instructors and students. Please continue to request course shells using MAX as normal.