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At 11:38 p.m. Eastern, on Tuesday, 24 September 2013, CourseSmart announced that connection issues with their Service Hub servers had, in their words, "stabilized". You should be able to access CourseSmart resources from Desire2Learn courses normally.

Earlier in the day on Tuesday, CourseSmart had issued an advisory regarding intermittent failures in attempts to connect to their Service Hub servers.

The CourseSmart Service Hub servers act as the gateway between the CourseSmart eTextbook and digital resource tools within Desire2Learn with the rest of CourseSmart's servers. Therefore, Service Hub connection failures prevented Millersville University users from accessing CourseSmart resources used in Desire2Learn courses.

CourseSmart's Service Hub servers are not dedicated to Millersville University users. The Service Hub serves users from all institutions that offer CourseSmart digital resources, and according to CourseSmart technical support, an unusually large number of users attempted to connect to the Service Hub servers yesterday. Unable to support the number of connection attempts coming in, the Service Hub began dropping or refusing some connections.

CourseSmart technical support is investigating why the unusually large number of connection attempts occurred yesterday and as well as how best to handle such situations in the future.

Yesterday's CourseSmart Service Hub connection problem only affected the CourseSmart tools within Desire2Learn. The remainder of the Desire2Learn system remained online.