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UPDATE: Please see CourseSmart Connection Failures - Stabilized.

CourseSmart have issued an advisory regarding intermittent failures in attempts to connect to their Service Hub servers.

The CourseSmart Service Hub servers act as the gateway between the CourseSmart eTextbook and digital resource tools within Desire2Learn with the rest of CourseSmart's servers. Therefore, the Service Hub connection failures may prevent Millersville University users from accessing CourseSmart resources in Desire2Learn courses.

As the connection failures are intermittent, retrying the CourseSmart tools in Desire2Learn may meet with success. If you experience repeated failures when attempting to use the tools within Desire2Learn, you may access your CourseSmart resources directly at The website is not affected by the Service Hub connection problems.

Technicians at CourseSmart are working on the Service Hub connection issue.

The CourseSmart Service Hub connection problem only affects the CourseSmart tools within Desire2Learn. The remainder of the Desire2Learn system remains online and is functioning normally.