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Identify and Manage Stale Content

The Stale Content dashboard helps users identify and take action on stale content and manage their content reviews. Users can define what content should be considered stale or up for review by using the filters in the Stale Content tab. You can filter content by the last time the content was updated or by the Review Date metadata field.

Stale Content Filter

The Stale Content tab contains user-specific filter settings that determines stale content by review date or last updated date. These settings apply to both the Stale Content tab and the graphical summary on the Dashboard Overview.

  • The Needs Review view only considers content with review dates set. The content can be limited to review dates within a set number of days from today.
  • Content that has not been modified can be limited to modified dates older than a set number of days. 

Changes to these filter options are stored in a browser cookie, so they will remain when logging back into Cascade.

To Change the Stale Content Filter:

  1. Click either the Needs review or Last updated link to select which view to filter stale assets by.
  2. For Needs review:
    1. Manually enter for how many days from today that an asset would be considered up for review, or select from the dropdown of common values.
    2. Click Refresh.
  3. For Last updated:
    1. Manually enter how many days an asset can exist without being updated before it is considered stale, or select from the dropdown of common values.
    2. Click Refresh.