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Renaming a page can have two meanings depending on what you want to update. Renaming can mean:

  • Changing the Display Name and/or Title fields to update the page's contextual meaning.
  • Changing the Page Name field to change the URL users navigate to.

Changing the Display Name/Title Field

To change the display name and/or title fields of an existing page, 'Write' permission is required for the page.

  1. Click on the Edit link (denoted with a pencil icon), located to the upper right of the page preview.
  2. Change the 'Display Name' and/or 'Title' fields as desired.
  3. Click the 'Save & Preview' button at the top of the dialog.

If a page is included within department navigation, updating the display name field will require you to publish the departmental folder in order to reflect this change on all published pages.

Changing the Page Name Field

To change the system name (i.e. file name) existing page, 'Write' permission is required for the page.

  1. Under the More () menu located to the upper right of the page preview, click on the Rename link.
  2. Change the 'New Page Name' field as desired.
  3. Click the Rename button in the upper right of the dialog.

Links and other references

  • Cascade will automatically change all internal links to point to the page's new system name. These links; however, will need to be published to update the published website. See Publishing a Page for more information
  • External websites linking to the renamed page will be broken, unless they are updated accordingly.

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