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To change the system name of an existing folder, 'Write' permission is required for the folder.

  1. View the folder you would like to rename.
  2. Under the More (  ) menu located to the upper right of the page preview, click on the Rename link.
  3. Change the 'New Folder Name' field as desired.
  4. If 'Unpublish Content' is not checked, a copy of the folder with it's previous name will remain on the web server.
  5. Click the Rename button in the upper right of the dialog.

Links and other references

  • Cascade will automatically change all internal links to point to the folders's new system name. These links; however, will need to be published to update the published website. See Publishing a Folder for more information.
  • External websites linking to the renamed folder, or assets within it, will be broken, unless they are updated accordingly.

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