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In order for the changes to be viewable to the public, any modifications to pages, files, and images be published. You can choose to publish individual pages or publish an entire folder.

To publish a folder,

  1. View the folder you want to publish.
  2. Click on the Publish link, located to the upper-right of the folder contents preview.
  3. Click the Submit button.

More information about publishing folders

  • Publishing jobs are placed within a queue that is shared by other users within Cascade. The time for your changes to take effect on your published website depends on how many jobs are scheduled before you.
  • Because publishing is shared by users within the system, publishing folders is only recommended if completing updates to a large number of pages and files. If at all possible, publish individual assets before publishing a folder.
  • View more information about the Cascade Publisher.

Knowing when to publish a folder

Publishing a folder is required for the following updates:

  • Updating the department navigation by adding, removing, or updating a page asset's Display Name. For more information, see Creating Pages.
  • Updating the department Quick Links listing by adding, removing, updating quick link assets. For more information, see Creating a Quick Link.

Screenshot: Publish a folder

Screenshot: Folder in the Publish Queue

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