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Display Name

This text will appear as the link within the department's navigation as well as in the breadcrumb navigation.

Keep short and descriptive (i.e. try not to make longer than one line)


This text field tells a visitor what page they are on by adding a large title at the top of the page. It is also used as the page title in your browser and the SEO (search engine) title if an alternate is not specified.

Keep short and descriptive (i.e. try not to make longer than one line)

Show in Navigation

This field will add, or remove, the page to the department's navigation.

Page Options

This set of checkboxes allows you to select whether or not certain components, such as a masthead or accordion should display on the page.


(Optional) large image(s) or video(s) to display above the page's content. Dimensions are 1400x485 pixels

Cascade will not resize images for you, you should resize your images with a photo editor prior to uploading.


The main content of the page is generated by using various 'Components' to compose a page layout. Each component generates a different type of content and they can be duplicated or recorded. 

view Components Guide (PDF)

Components available are:

  • Informational Callout: 
    Allows you to select an icon to accompany a heading, some short informational or summary text, and an optional link button. When selected, two side-by-side callouts must be added.

  • Multimedia:
    Allows you to add an image, image slider, or video accompanied by a heading, a small blurb of text, and an optional link button.

  • Quote:
    Allows you to enter a quote. An optional image can be included.

  • Spotlights:
    Allows you to highlight a person, program, article, etc. in a content block that includes an image and heading and links to additional information.

    The WYSIWYG, or "what you see is what you get" editor component is the standard content-authoring tool which is primary used for textual content, such as headings, paragraphs, ordered and unordered lists, text links, etc.

In addition to the flexible components listed, which can appear in any quantity or order, you can add content in an 'Accordion', which appears at the bottom to the main content area. 

To add a new component, click the small *+* to the right of the 'Components' heading. To reorder, use the up or down arrow, located in the same area.

Social Media Sharing

This area allows you to control what is displayed when someone shares the page on various social media platforms. This is an optional field, as websites such as Facebook and Twitter will use a random image found on the page if an image is not specified.

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