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In Cascade, a department's left-hand navigation can be ordered to organize by context, alphabetical, or even both.

To order the left-hand site navigation,

  1. Click on your department folder (e.g. bursar or Base Folder).
    • This will show the folder's contents to the right of the asset directory.
  2. Click on the 'Order' heading at the top of the asset table to sort the assets by their order number (see screenshot).
  3. To move an asset:
    • Left-click on the asset's order number and drag up (or down). Release the mouse button to drop the asset into place.
    • Alternatively, click on one of the blue arrows underneath the 'Actions' heading to move the asset accordingly.

Additional Information

  • Once you drop an asset into place, the navigation order will be updated. There is no undo for ordering.
  • Typically, you will want the 'index' page as the first asset, this is the department's homepage.
  • In order to update the new navigation order, you will need to publish the entire department folder. See publishing folders for more information.


Video Demonstration: Reordering the left-hand site navigation

Screenshot: Ordering options

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