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Before inserting a shared content block, make sure you've created the shared content block first.

Inserting a shared content block requires 'Write' permission on the page you are editing.

To insert a shared content block:

  1. Edit the page you would like to include the shared content block within.
  2. Scroll to the shared content block section you will be inserting into.
    • If you are inserting a 'contact-block', this will be the 'Contact' section. 
  3. Click on the 'Choose Block' button to browse for the shared content block you would like to insert.
    • Available content blocks will be in the _cms/shared-blocks/ folder.
  4. In the Choose a block dialog, select from recently used blocks, or use the browse or search features to find the correct asset path.
  5. Click on the desired shared content block.
  6. Click the 'Choose' link in the upper right-hand corner.
  7. When you are ready, click the 'Preview Draft' button in the upper right of the dialog.
  8. Once you have ensured that everything is appearing correctly in the preview, click the 'Submit' button above the preview frame.
  9. Publish the page.

Screenshot: Contact Information shared content blocks section

Demo: Inserting a Contact shared content block

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